Aligning with its citizens. With historic charm and putting its residents first; Princeton, TX is set for economic expansion.

May 02, 2023
Business View Magazine

There are enticing towns dotted throughout the US that attract residents and tourists. Very few, however, display the charm and community feel of Princeton, Texas. Sitting on the Northeast corner of the Dallas Ft. Worth metropolitan area just minutes from the bustling 121 Corridor in Collin County, Princeton is blessed with friendly residents with scenic assets. The town is also clearly poised for economic growth. Before the City was officially named Princeton, it was known as Wilson Switch and is historically well known for its bois d’arc wood products, which were used in construction in the 19th century. Fast forward to present day and the city is experiencing an unprecedented increase in housing and business development. “We believe wholeheartedly that we can’t leave the older parts of town behind while focusing only on the future. So, as we replace streets and other infrastructure assets, we want to ensure that all of the infrastructure is up to standards and able to be maintained for all residents,” says Derek Borg, City Manager of Princeton, Texas.